Friday, June 11, 2010

Contemplate this, please.

Today (yesterday, technically) I met with a few other students to discuss RSU's involvement in the Hillcub program. Through the Hillcub program, RSU students have the opportunity to raise materials (or funds) for a community elementary school, Claremont, by donating towards crayons for schoolchildren. I think this is a great project.

While in the meeting, I voiced a few frustrations that have been compounding in recent years. We likely all notice the late-summer rush to area stores as soon as school supply lists are posted. My question to RSU students is this: do we notice the lists themselves? Every now and then I pick up a random list just to see what's on it, and every year I'm amazed at the growing material requirements for students. It makes me wish that I knew a way to help beyond my limited means, and I think the Hillcub program is a step in that direction.

In all honesty, I worry about student involvement during the summer months. If school is a relationship, then our yearly three-month break from it is probably not an indicator of our relationship's success. Now, I'm not saying that we go to school year-round (I think I'm allergic to that concept), but I wish there were some way for us to still stay connected.

Why did I mention anything in that entire previous paragraph? Two reasons: 1) I tend toward unfortunate rambling, and; 2) the Hillcub idea could be a way for me to ease both my frustration with school supply lists--which I acknowledge sounds silly when I write it that way--and my desire to see students stay connected to the school throughout the summer months.

I have high hopes that when SGA President Adrean Shelly (who is kind of a ROCKSTAR) assists in announcing the Hillcub projects that students will get involved and make a difference. It's not just for the nameless, faceless crowd. It's for kids right here in Claremore, at a school that a lot of us went to. I might be a good guy (Westside kid), but I can still appreciate a great thing when I see it.

Hope everyone's having a great summer. :)


  1. Now that my daughter is entering Kindergarten the school supply list hits closer to home. I think it would be awesome if RSU could do what TTC does in Broken Arrow. Every year TTC has a back to school day and families can come stand in line for some free school supplies. They even give the kids back to school haircuts and the moms get free facials by their cosmotology department, and the automotive guys check out the parents cars and kids bicycles. Maybe eventually RSU can give back to the Claremore community like TTC does for BrokenArrow.

  2. I have four kids and next year all four of them will be attending school for the first time together. Every year the list seems to get longer. Instead of one tissue box it's four. I realize the state is not helping the educational system as much as they used to but as a parent of four the sheer amount of supplies adds up quick. I'm glad that RSU is doing its part in helping area schools and I think the Hillcub program is a great model that many area companies should adopt as well.